The discovery of a platypus drowned in a yabby trap at Comboyne by bush regenerator Matthew Bailey prompted the need for local action.

Following an initial meeting in 2008, the Hastings Platypus Awareness & Conservation Team was formed in July 2009. 

Hastings PACT aims to:

  • Raise community awareness that platypuses (and other air breathing wildlife such as turtles and water birds) that live along local creeks and rivers can get caught and drown in yabby traps.
  • Prevent these accidental drownings by educating the community that it is illegal to use yabby traps in freshwater creeks and estuaries in the Hastings.

PACT also aims to ‘connect’ people to river and stream environments that platypus inhabit and instil a strong community desire to protect and care for these environments.

Hastings PACT is a partnership between:

  • National Parks & Wildlife Service (NPWS)
  • Department of Primary Industries Fisheries (DPI)
  • Port Macquarie-Hastings Council (PMHC)
  • Northern Rivers Catchment Management Authority (CMA)
  • Independent consultants and community members